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Hello, just wanted to let you know how Brutus is doing and send you guys some pictures of him. He is doing great with his training and all! I love him to death. He is just great! He gets compliments everywhere that we go. Thank you so much for the wonderful companion! 

Cecilia Minske,

Pennsylvania USA


Just wanted to let you know that we are home and she is beautiful!!! We could not be happier!!! I want to thank you for everything!!! I have included a picture of me holding the puppy that we have named Gaiya with Trina, Corrine, Kristen, Tyler and our 4 year old Rottweiler Harley. Thank you for the beautiful new addition to our family!! 

Stacey Lippincott, New Jersey USA


It was great meeting you. We named the pup Oakley. He and Angel are getting along wonderful. She is jealous of him and doesn't want to share her toys, but she is getting better about letting him communicate with me. I am going to send you the puppy contract along with some pictures of them. I hope this finds everyone doing well. I hope we can stay in contact with each other. When you come to Nashville, I hope you call me and ya'll come to the house. Thank you for providing me with two of the best friends a person could have. Thank you again.

  Sandy, Tennessee USA


I have had Steel Boy for two months now, he is turning 6 months old on June 27, 2017. He is a great dog with good temperament and loves being around children just like Angel promised me. The purchase of Steel Boy went very well and the dog is turn turning out to be even better than I expected. Angel truly understands the Rottweiler breed and I am very happy after doing business with him and his wife. I would recommend anyone looking for a great dog to call Angel.

Paul C. Shaw, Quebec Canada

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